Feedback on ad results

I ran an ad for 450 robux and I know its. Here are the results

This was a test run. See the results really made me discouraged though and not wanna do this anymore. I need feedback on what I did wrong.

This is the ad btw.


Discouraged??? That is a really good stat for your ad, you usually don’t get that many clicks unless you spend 1k, you don’t really get the many clicks (for me and the ad it self looks pretty good) Next time I suggest spending more like 5k since the first one got a lot of clicks. The reason why I think you got a lot of clicks is because the ad itself is targeted at a younger audience since they might like flamingo. The ad itself looks bad, if you lightened it up or had a gradient background it might look better

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I disagree with the above poster, while 0.31% CTR isn’t the worst, it’s not very good. The average from what I’ve seen is anywhere between a 0.5-1.3% CTR. The visit count also is quite low TBH.

I think all you need to do is find a better AD, it looks blurry from your screenshot.

Edit: Try a skyscraper or horizontal AD, square ADs always do worse than those because it’s less visible.


The key to making an ad with a high CTR is to make it stand out by using extremely large text and characters that take up like 80% of the ad space. Clickbait is fine as long as it isn’t overly misleading.

For example, here are a few examples of ads I designed (please don’t steal them) that on average get 1.00–1.50% CTR, peaking at around 2.00% sometimes.

It is extremely important to have high CTRs to get the most value out of the robux you put into your ads so you can profit and run even more ads. Your design skills do not have to be super advanced; it’s really 100% in the science of advertising.

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Get a better ad and you should get more clicks

You can definitely manage more than 0.31, it’s pretty down low. Make the ad more appealing with brighter colors and perhaps a more chaotic or action packed image.

“bottom text” made me laugh, thanks lol

The ad does somewhat represent what your game is, I just suggest increasing the R$ for the ad.