Feedback on ads for my clothing group [Budget]

Hello there! I’ve recently been working quite a lot on my upcoming group Bloxquility Wear. Specifically on creating roblox advertisements which I hope to run and see results from. I decided to post them here in search for opinions and constructive feedback on:

  • Their appearance ( Do you think players would be interested? )
  • Whether it’s worth running them

The aim of my ads are to be simple but still interesting/attractive, clean and not crowded. Out of the six ads I’ve created I’m choosing two to actually run. There are an even amount of vertical and horizontal: 3 of each.

BUDGET: 1,500 Robux.

Horizontal Ads:

Vertical Ads:

I am aware my budget may not show the largest results and may not bring much attention to my clothing group but I am still hoping to gain a few members. This is my first time creating ads and wanted to know what you think.

Let me know your favourite and how much you would recommend for me to bid in.

Thank you for your time!


The text is a bit overused, try adding different text. Other than that, it’s quite good! Personally I wouldn’t click on it but that is because I don’t need clothes, I haven’t changed mine in over a year lol.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try out some different text, and hah fair enough!

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Pretty good but I would take out the water background for the last one as it makes it seem unprofessional, and add a poly image or single color background.

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Thank you! And I’ll try out a more simple background similar to the second vertical ad.

No Problem, hope the ads do well.

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