Feedback on an indoor obby

This indoor obby I made is in my game, Job Simulator. It’s my first time making an indoor obby. Here’s some screenshots.

I only used the GapFill plugin to round the edges a bit, and a kill script from the toolbox.


  • It looks a bit bland with all the same colors and the transparency.


  • I would suggest some more detail and removing the transparency so it also is unpredictable.

Thanks for the feedback! Should I also add some props?

Looking good for an indoor obby. As for a few suggestions, I’ll list them below.

  • Make sure the roof is properly distanced from the player so that when you jump, the camera won’t get blocked by it. This can be annoying for players. Additionally, hopefully when jumping you don’t hit the roof in the process.

  • While the lights don’t look horrible, perhaps putting a little bit more time into creating an actual ceiling light can make a positive impact. I’ll provide an image of what I mean below.

  • Example

  • Take the Lights Here

  • In regards to props, perhaps some plants or pictures on the wall. Those should work pretty well!

Good luck!

That was actually a problem when I first built it, but I raised the roof.

Yes, that was what I ment in details.

I feel like you should switch up the designs of the obby try not to make certain areas, repetitive like for example the first stage the part isn’t centered try making it straight and then have a party turning. As for a more advanced obby try raising the ceiling so it doesn’t look tight, maybe a variety of obstacles could work (moving objects, etc.) have a more unique way of presenting your obby.

You should either consider placing more obstacles and designs, unless you’re just experimenting. When completing this obby does it lead to the full game? If I’m not mistaken I don’t think this is really needed.

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