Feedback On An Obby Game

Hello, and I’m planning to advertise this game soon, so I would like to have some feedback on the game, and some suggestions what to add/remove.

There’s the game’s link.

Some screenshots

Big thanks to everyone for feedback! :wink:

Yes Ik it’s almost an ad pls no bully, but I don’t want to lose my robux on an useless ad, like in previous time

Note: I did everything in the game, except stages and ui icons, also make sure you checked every feature, such as races, item unboxing system! ok no spoilers anymore lol

Edit: this is old post, but theres an ui im doing for new update in the game

(Dont ask why its PetName lol)


i’ll be checking it out sooner or later :slight_smile:

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Hmm, looks good. I’ll check it out sooner or later! :happy1:

good job :partying_face:;
played few seconds
i’ll play when i have time

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Very nice! One pretty major issue is that when you die, you don’t teleport back to the checkpoint you were at. Instead, you get teleported to the spawn. Other than that, it’s really fun and well made! :+1:

Some things to note I guess:

  • On stage 154, the jump effect lasts after you complete the stage, so I just jumped over the stages after it
  • The glass in the easy and average difficulties is really hard to notice, maybe change transparency/color (with blur+other settings on)
  • Make some difference between transparent+no collide blocks and transparent collide blocks, since I got confused with them a bit
  • Some stages I played on I had to manually go back to the stage using the stage selector as I didn’t get tp’d back to my current stage
  • If you are going to add more stages, add some notice/more difficulties on the chart because I’d probably never play the game again if I reached the end without a notice telling me that there was more being added
    Otherwise, I enjoyed playing it! Great Job!

edit: my progress got deleted when the server restarted : (

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It does, make sure your teleported stage is not 1, after death it teleports to the teleported stage.

Not sure why it got deleted cause i have strong datastore, and i never had any errors, you can read about teleported stage above, but i think i will remove it, also thanks for the bugs you reported i will fix them, also can you explain did you leave too fast or something else so i know how it go resetted…

Edit: i think you joined for a few secs while data was loading, it loads in around 7 secs, if it failed to load it wont save and replace old data with 0, so please join and wait for 10-15 seconds; maybe its not dataloss.

Another edit:
i updated, now it will kick on last attempt if failed to load data

if err and x == 10 then
	plr:Kick("Failed to load data, rejoin couple of times. If you still have problems, contact with me at discord (zilibobi#3566) providing screenshot of this kick message. Error: "..err)

Also quickly made can collide transparent parts to 0.2 transparency and can collide off transparent parts to 0.9

and new leaderboard style, and fixed scrolling (now scolling frame’s canvas size fits all objects)


oh also rounding numbers (with k, b, q etc.)

prob last edit lol, changed shiftlock icon and also i added health bar and fps counter to topbar

It’s really fun, but overall well made. Great job. :fire:

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Wow, that looks really cool dude, but I want to correct you that that’s not an obby but a Difficulty Chart Obby, haha joking. Anyway, keep it up dude! :cool: