Feedback on an upcoming game

Hiya! :wave:
Looking for some feedback on a vibe game I’ve recently started working on.
Feel free to let me know what your thoughts are!

All feedback is appreciated!


Looks nice but it seems there are quite a bit of free models. I’d love to see how it turns out in the end.

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Most of the models you see (except the plants on the pillars and the trophies) were all made by me in blender (A cloth physics simulation In interaction with collisions was used to create the blankets and beanbags as well as for the pillows you see while the sofa and other components were regularly modelled).

But I appreciate the positive feedback tho!


Stunning work! As a builder who is still working on mastering my skills, it is refreshing to see other people’s builds.


Looks really nice! I don’t got anything bad to say about it, the little among us character is a nice touch. Nice work!



Appreciate the feedback!

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The vibes are on point for this place. I do notice there are a few levelling issues that makes the place flatter. Might I suggest turning some of the couches into a pit?

Hard to explain, but I’ll show you a pic here:

Think of of it as a sofa hot-tub. But, yknow, without the water and stuff


That’s definitely something I’m going to get working on, never thought of it.
Thanks for the suggestion!

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