Feedback on ANOTHER song

after the amount of fun I had making the last song i decided that i’m going to make another. This song is not finished yet but any feedback now could save me some work later

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I like the first 3/4 seconds(kinda reminds me of Plants Vs Zombies!), but everything after that just feels wrong. I don’t know much about music so my feedback is basically “make rest of song sound like first 3 seconds plz!!!/make it sound like a better progression from that start!!11111”.

well the thing that makes songs satisfying is how they resolve and change. since this is only 8 seconds of the song it doesn’t really have much time to fully resolve making it sound off if that makes any since.

In fact when I originally made this song on my actual piano it resolved ON the intro, but I want this to be just a minute long and I have to fit a LOT in that minute. though I WILL try to make it resolve on the beginning/intro

update: transitions are a little off but this is what I hve so far


Sounds great! I could totally see it as a main menu theme/story slideshow thingy background song

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i enjoy it, it’s actually really good, congrats

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Thanks! keep an eye out though cause I will be making another post once its completely finished

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alright, thanks for the info! ill check back in a minute

I enjoy the theme of this song and especially like the key change in the middle.
My only critique is that the second half of the beginning melody seems almost like it misses a beat and comes in too early, which messes up the rhythm.

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thank you for telling me this i will see what i can do to fix it