Feedback on any of my 3 gfx shown here?


They are ok. Not the best but not the worst. The first one looks nice but put more stuff in the backgroud. Also make the character match the background, because sprinkles and a fire sort of background look really bad honestly.

These gfx’s are okay. Not the best not the worst and with practice i’m sure you’ll be great. On the first one the lighting is quite bright on the face, you should of dimmed it down a little bit. I do like the pose you have used thou.

On the second one the roman one you should of used a better background not just white with i’m assuming a sun? Correct me if i’m wrong. The purple at the bottom doesn’t match anything and looks odd. The arm holding the cup looks out of place. The positioning of the cup isn’t the best either but it looks okay. I like the lighting on this one so good job on that one.

The last one is okay as well. You can’t really tell they are holding guns because of the arm placements. I do like the background props and stuff it looks really nice. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the criticism - the second one is basically a copy of a reference to explain background etc. And now that you point it out the guns on the last one are a bit odd. So I’ll keep working. And thanks for actually giving criticism and compliments instead of the other guy who can barely type a coherent sentence and just says its bad.

No problem! Keep up the good work and keep practising.