Feedback on Apple Computer


Roughly 2 years ago, I made an apple computer and I would like to know your opinion and how you think it has faired over that time. I was not the most competent builder in 2022, but I was definitely getting a lot better and this is probably one of my favorite works from around that time.

My primary goal is to see what I should add and or change as I will remake the model sometime next week. The biggest issue in my eyes is the color. I’m not sure why, but this color isn’t doing it for me. If you know a better one, please let me know.

Apple PC:

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I appreciate all feedback! Thank you! :slight_smile:


I really like the details, it’s very thorough, but for the old model apple computer, the mouse has a cable near the monitor. :v
I hope it doesn’t affect the player’s performance because of the many parts in the model.

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It looks great!
As someone who learned BASIC on the Apple IIe I like it.

It looks a little green though. If it the model is supposed to be of a new one it should be a little whiter.
If it’s an older one they turn yellower the older they get.


This Apple Computer looks good! Nice job on it!

It looks like an older computer so I don’t think the mouse should be wireless, but otherwise looks great!

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