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Greetings developers

I’ve been developing an arena-shooter containing some old & new id Software-ish design choices for a bit of a while now (started tinkering a gun framework from scratch in nov. '21, initial project began in april '22), and I’ve been getting to a point where things feel complete and can only become great in the long run.

To sum up the game very quickly:
When joining, you’ll have 2 buttons containing the modes below;

  • Multiplayer (arena) mode: self-explanatory, featuring some competition mechanics and tons of balancing as opposed to the latter 2 modes, at the moment not much to do due to the whopping 2 MAU’s.
    Because of that (and because there’s plenty of MP shooters out there), I started working on bot enemies, leading to →
  • Freeplay: perhaps the name isn’t very self-explanatory, but it has sticked. The player can choose a map and difficulty and gets 90 seconds to leave said level. The goal is to gain XP, so completing it in 5 seconds won’t get you anything. Therefore the idea behind the name: the player is free to define their own playstyle, whether they farm the XP Multiplier by rapid quickswapping or get an optimal run to compensate for the time penalty, the choice is theirs.
  • Campaign: As the name suggests, it is a lore-based mode that can be found in Freeplay, but currently it is a work in progress with a single level that isn’t even finished yet.

Everything besides an open-source module has been built upon from scratch by myself, with asset contributions such as maps and game design advice by some cool people. Check out the detailed credits in the main game.

Link: Project-Zyron

If you’ve played, feel free to leave an answer on the poll below, perhaps some remarks in the comment section regarding issues, ideas, etc. or any questions you may have.
I also share a stake on knowing whether you find it easy to use all mechanics (press [H] to view the controls, the Freeplay codex is currently unused, as it would be more fun to find out mechanics by yourself in my opinion.)

How many minutes did you spend in “Freeplay”?
  • <2
  • <5
  • <10
  • More than 10
  • I don’t know/didn’t play/show the results

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Thank you for reading

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