Feedback on asset

I’m currently writing this at school so I may not respond until later. Yes, I am allowed to use Roblox studio at school.

I am making an asset and want some feedback, I feel like it is lacking but I don’t know what it is that it lacks. It is going to be a support that holds a drill, think of a Minecraft bell but it’s a drill instead of bell and that’s the general idea. Please and thanks!

Edit: The style of the game is sci fi, you can look at my other posts and see the style my friend has I’m going for.


Well it looks pretty interesting. I looked at some of the other assets that you have made and they look very detailed. So maybe you could add some more textures to some parts of this. Also maybe add some more detail but this is tough to find stuff you could improve on. Right now I like the second image a lot so great work! Really cool how you can use Roblox Studios at school btw.