Feedback on banning, whitelisting, and more system

Edit: We’ve rebranded to bonk! We are going to be restricting logins until we release. Feel free to check out the site:

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Hey everyone!

Recently, I’ve been working on a new creation called Mortify.

Here’s the link:

Mortify is the easy way to control who joins your Roblox games.

With a customizable web dashboard, you can setup your game and choose from a wide variety of features, such as banning, whitelisting, checking account ages, and more. You can also receive notifications on when someone joins your game (and if they are banned or not).

I might also add a feature where you can ban people right from in game, or you could use a Discord bot.

What do you think of the idea?
Is there anything that I should change, any suggestions that you have?
Would you use it?

Thanks everyone, and happy Thanksgiving! :turkey:


Can we see it? The description sounds nice and all but it could really be said about any admin system from the catalog. We need to see what you’ve done to give feedback on it.

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I agree, if it’s not user friendly why not just code it yorself.

Sure. I’m still finishing up a few things but it should be ready to go soon.

Here’s the link: Just know that there are a ton of bugs, and it’s defiantly not ready for release yet.
@ComplicatedParadigm @SilentFish20


The website has everything you need, including a tutorial on how to use the Mortify Module in your actual Roblox games.

Tell me what you think!

Mortify? I am Mortified of that name. PR disaster, other than the name it looks okay. Also, not Thanksgiving


We chose the name Mortify to “Mortify” unwanted people in games. We are willing to rebrand. Any suggestions?

You need a word or phrase that is authoritative. As this system represents a position of power. Due to it’s controlling aspects.

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That is very true. Thank you for the suggestion!

If you don’t mind, I might DM you some possible names to see what you think.

Unless you have a MySQL database on heroku, everything will reset when your dyno restarts.

Just to be clear, all user information is carefully hashed and stored in a secure database with restricted access.

Hi Evan,

Do you mean the session, or all of the data in the database?

all of the data. Unless you have an external safe database, everything resets. If you are just relying on the dyno for persistence then use InfinityFree for MySQL

We actually have an external safe database, so we don’t need to worry about this.

Fixed an issue where whitelisting was kicking whitelisted users.

Whitelisting works well now.