Feedback on Blood Drops, are they too real?

“What are you working on currently?” Keep in mind this is my first post I wanted feed back on something in my game I know this is a tough topic It’s discussing roblox blood another thing to keep in mind there is no blood spraying it is just a few blood splatters when a player is hurt or dead

By the way it is a apocalypse type game I will let you all know when it’s done, so give me your opinion is it to real or would it be fine in my game? Thanks!


I’d say as long as you don’t go above and beyond on the blood (Maybe the image has a transparent of .5 - .8) you should be fine. (ROBLOX game, Those Who Remain has some realistic blood in it, but it has yet to be taken down. I’d suggest playing that game.)


This should help if you still want to check, but I think its fine since other games do have semi-realistic blood, etc.

Those are pretty good but if I were you try to find someone to do graphics to make it really real and maybe add some reflection or sounds like dripping down.

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