Feedback on BookStore

I’m getting better at choosing colors that go together. Wanted to try something I saw off youtube to give windows about more detail.


I would set the transparency of the windows to ~0.5, and put some bookshelves behind them so it gives a more realistic vibe, but I think you haven’t got to work on the interior of the store yet.
Other than that, this build is really good, particularly the color scheme. Good job!

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I love the color choice! I would recommend changing the text of the sale sign, it doesn’t fit well with the low-poly aesthetic.

I don’t think the bookstore should be purple. I would suggest you turn the purple parts to red, or something.
(purple to red)

And follow @82esPLUS158’s suggestion. Change the windows so you can see through them.
If there’s decals on the windows, also change the decal’s transparencies to 0.5.

If that’s a chimney on top, make some thick, puffy smoke come out of it.

The yellow books sign covers the white sign that says “50% off”.

Those 4 square windows should be turned into two doors.
I don’t know if they already are doors.

Looks smooth, though.

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Looks decent! You’ve made good use of details, although I recommend using more variety of colors if your having trouble or problems with collecting the proper colors for your build, try using color pallet sites to give you an idea on what areas need different warmer colors. As well more layers of colors certain areas could uses there proper colors such as the frame and other forms in general.

Overall, I think the build is missing details in the center it seems rather plain perhaps throw the sign in the middle to look more appealing and interesting in players view. As this could be taken into whenever needed in terms of color as well.

Otherwise, the building structure is properly done i would just focus and learn on using proper color pallets to make your building look more better.

Appears fine, nothing seems objectively off about the building, although the edges would look a far better if they were curved, you should add an extra rotated block to them and set the smoothing angle to I’d suggest about a 50 or so