Feedback on build

Hello, I recently finished developing a map and was looking for some feedback on it. Thoughts and Opinions? Link: [ ]


The lava looks pretty good, you could raise the light emission for the lava particles though.
Maybe add some unique designs or something that will catch the person’s eye while they are venturing through the tunnels. The tunnels seem pretty bland.

Good job besides that.

I really like how you’ve added a kind of death pit below with both lava and spikes, the middle of the place looks pretty good but like others said the kind of tunnels seem like they may need a little tweaking and adding detail but overall it isn’t so bad and with a little tweaking could look really good.

Great builds. I would agree with bumping up the lighting on the lava to make it pop more, but other then that it looks great!

I suggest making the wooden path more smooth. I can tell that it is supposed to look rickety but the misalignment of the different pieces doesn’t look intentional enough. Maybe make the pieces of wood longer (to make them look more like planks) and have them overlap each other. Good job, really nice build bro :slight_smile:

The build looks fantastic!

I would firstly maybe add some assets into the tunnels such as mining carts, pickaxes & ores maybe, you could also improve the particle emitter effect on the torches.

Wish you best!

Looks pretty good, great job! What I recommend is changing the lighting up, I think that way it will make the game more interesting.

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Alright, Couple things maybe add some sword packs around on the walls and it looks good. The complete format looks good, great job.

Thanks for the feedback! This map will be used in a game that I am currently developing…I am still taking more feedback for my map so if anybody has some more ideas, send them!

This small map area is very well made. I like the bridge featuring some torches. inside the tunnels and around the middle it really gives. It that kind of mini game kind of feel to it and plus with the other details your going! To add to the map i know it would, make the map stand out a lot more however the map itself i feel like. You should add some flat lava rocks, into the lava i see you only added grey rocks but since it’s lava. I would recommend you try to make some black with some of the lava on the rocks to give! It that overall design to it since it’s sitting there so, the rocks will get burned or lava inside of it, and for the caves think the torches you added. On the walls really give your map a nice design to it! Since people have to find the right way to, escape out of the tunnels and i gotta say the tunnels is alright. But i feel like it needs more details inside of it you could, try adding some little crystals, chains, axe, hanging signs, lava rocks, sticks, burned rocks, ect. That’s what i’ll add on the floor part and a wooden, broken sign hanging on one of the tunnels that have two ways you have! To go through that could be a nice feature. Added to your map itself since.

Your using it for a game, so i would recommend you implement some, of those inside the tunnels so it could give it that interesting look to it. As well if you added a mine cart inside the tunnels i don’t believe that will! Look good because it’s very small for that to be added if you plan on doing that i would, suggest you have that cart going into a more. Bigger tunnel with crystals, rocks, train tracks, chests, and other things to look like it’s been there for a very long time. And then featuring other kind of rocks, crystals, you plan on adding to the tunnels which well add a nice addition. To your map overall i do believe you should make! The bridge more bigger and have wooden planks on them with ropes wrapped around some. Rocks inside the volcano and if you don’t plan on making, the bridge more big i would recommend you either, add some ropes attach to the rocks with little fallen. Wooden planks breaking off from the bridge try doing something like that i know! It will look a lot more better and improved as well try adding some other details inside the tunnels. I listed some above that will add a great addition to the map itself to give it that volcano feel to it!!

Aside all of that i think you have a great map, here that could be used for the game your currently working on. And you have done amazing job on making this volcano! Map but since it’s still being worked on i know the, details i listed above will add a nice feature to your map as well for the tunnels. But to me there could be only so much because you don’t want to go over board with a bunch of stuff that could be added to the tunnels i would just simple decorations on the floor, walls, ceiling and in side some rocks however try adding some burned branches on the ground with some cracked lava rocks on the walls and floor and you could add a flat rock inside the lava with a burned tree added to it just to give your map a little bit of more style to it. Hope to see the final update very soon i will be visiting. Once the whole game is completed overall great job on your decent map! You have done a really nice job on it i know it will look great in your game. Featuring other details your going to add in the tunnels!

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I like the aesthetic, but if you are going for for an ancient ruin look you could probably put some ancient writing in it.
Either by using an already existing writing system or making your own (Which is really fun btw)
Also i would recommend changing the lava a bit since it doesn’t really look like lava.
It looks more like… Sauce. I kinda wanna take a dip from it…