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Hello, recently I have been building a small lobby type map for my game. The purpose of the map is just for the sights/views. In the real game this map will be used as an intermission map. These type maps will only appear for 25-30 seconds every so rounds and stuff. The players will be teleported to the map to just walk around and view the area. Any feedback on the map is wanted.

The game is located here:
[ MAP - Roblox ]


Looks good! Although, I do feel as if the trees don’t have any life to them, you could try coloring the darker trees on the bigger island some different colors, like lighter greens or even pinks if you wanted to go that far. The map could do with a bit more vegetation like bushes, vines, etc. But overall its looking good!

Edit: Also some particle effects would be much appreciated, like fireflies

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Overall its a good lobby id just say it needs better lighting even if its suppose to be night it should be a little more visible for the players and also i recommend adding bench or some logs to sit on.

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I quite like this build! I would say the terrain has a really nice configuration behind it, which I quite enjoy. However, I would do some touch up on the lights. The areas around the trees especially are pretty dark, creating an uneven environment.

I agree. But I think some more lighting should be put in.

Wow. I love the ambience of the map.
Looks great :ok_hand:t3:

Thanks for the feedback. I will consider making changes.