Feedback on build

Hello, recently I have been building a small lobby type map for my game. The purpose of the map is just for the sights/views. In the real game this map will be used as an intermission map. These type maps will only appear for 25-30 seconds every so rounds and stuff. The players will be teleported to the map to just walk around and view the area. Any feedback on the map is wanted.

The game is located here:
[ MAP - Roblox ]


Can’t really say much, because there’s not too much but i would recommend somethings.

  1. two lights looks weird what i mean is your adding more futuristic lights with old, medieval lights really not fit together.
    2.I really love how you made everything but try to make the surface more smooth in the edges also so it looks better.
    After all great job on this lobby.
    Hope this is helpful!

That is something incredible, but I would recommend reducing the transparency of the neon a bit and adding something like a lamppost to the ice island so that the color of the fire in the area is not as visible if you want. Good job

I really like the Layout of the Map, but Since it is a Lobby, i would recommend to expand the lobby and adding some accessories. it would be fulfilling if you add something. All in all i like it… :blush:

This is great… but the rusty/ medieval torches could use some work, but it really depends on what game you are making.
Edit - Sorry, I didn’t realize it was a lobby but I have a question… what is the user supposed to see? Could you put in a screen shot of what they would see?
It also looks a but small but it exceeds anything I could build (oof)

Expand on the detail of the lobby area, add something they may would like to interact with.

For the decoration ideas, add some larger rocks on the lobby, add fireplaces, maybe add a leaderboard, etc. It all depends on you, you could try searching on the internet too.

Good start! lighting of the map is really nice! creates good atmosphere!

Think only thing i would say is the lights on the iceberg, feels like its themes conflicting with the modern lights and the firepoles looks quite strange.

I suggest maybe making the lights into large iceblocks? make them out of glass and add a neon light in the middle to give off that the ice block is glowing?

Looks pretty good, kinda looks like a dance game.