Feedback on Building ( NEW )

Hello there, Today i was accepted on Dev forum and iam soo Happy to be here. :grinning: Recently i was bored so i created boring border. Can you please give some feedback on the border. :grin:


This is actually nice but are you using this for a game?

looks pretty good, its very simple

im thinking about it :grinning:

Reminds me one of maps in Destroy the giant 2 game. But i like it!

It has a very simple and nice design, although it has a few details, it is quite nice in such a structure, nice work!

I like your build! It has a simple shape, but small details make it more better. I suggest adding more detail to it.

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I love it, excellent job @Chocolate_SK.

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Keep up the good work! Keep building!

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Itโ€™s pretty good. Keep up the good work!

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Look excellent! I suggest you to add more detail in it! Keep improving!

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This is very excellent! I donโ€™t see anything that needs changed. Keep up the good work.

Nice and simple but work on trying to add more detail, detail is key๐Ÿ‘Œ

Welcome to the dev forum!

Looks good so far man!

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Hi, Chocolate_SK. Welcome to the DevForum! I love the colors and textures you used for the walls. The build really stands out to me. I do have some minor critiques, however. The whole wall needs more attention to detail, especially the roof. It seems a bit flat at the moment. Maybe you could use a texture like concrete and make the shape a bit more dynamic. Overall, I think this is good for a work in progress! Just keep practicing. :slight_smile:

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Looks good. Maybe try adding some detail to it!

I created that roof in blender because i cant create it in roblox studio

While it looks decent, maybe try placing some stairs or possibly a way for other players to get from one side to the other I would recommend adding a few bricks on the border or possibly more textures, colors to the roof maybe raise it up a bit as I feel like itโ€™s too low.

Currently, there is just a stone wall around, which can be redesigned. Although that isnโ€™t really an option and therefore you should replace some parts with stairs or a door in the middle so the players could go to the other side. The bricks placed on the border looks alright some usually have bricks sticking out the wall to create a nice feel to it(or a type of castle theme) maybe try placing a building so the border could be connected giving players more space.