Feedback on Cafe P3 (CHANGES)

This is P.2 of my cafe after other suggestions. Tell me what you think.


The colors of the palm trees are kind of unappealing to the eyes, at least for me. I suggest with going with a color not as bright.


Hm, everyone else seems fine with it on Part 1 and 2. I don’t know…


It looking better now, i suggest redesign the chairs.


Ok. Thank you. I’m going to create another portfolio too.


dont use the same trees it dont look normal


Yes, it does look normal. It adds detail. And I know you were just trying to look for something to say. And, it really does look normal.

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i don’t understand what u mean can u try to explain it better

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Yes, I can. If you have Blender and it’s latest version, this is gonna be really reallyyyyyyyy hard. And working a project by myself is even harder so…

dude this why you can learn new stuff i script make maps and use blender and do VFX for my games


Cool, send me picks in PM. Thank you. I should learn from you.

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So, overall, you got a really great start, but I see some things you can change. For example, you mostly have nailed the entirety of the inside of the cafe which is perfect, but one of the major factors about building cafe’s isn’t just the interior, which like I’ve said, you’ve done really well on it, but the outdoors seems a bit blocky in my opinion. Here is an example of some flaws within your design.

Image 1

In this first image you provided us to give our constructive criticism, the obvious design flaw I see is the sand.

The sand looks like stairs which isn’t really great. Sand is constructed of very small eroded rocks, they usually make a hill with a 3-45 degree curve depending on the amount that’s in the pile. Try making your sand more smoothed out with the terrain to keep it nice and fine and make it overall seem more, well, sand like.

The other flaw I see with your image is well the hills in the background. it’s a great idea, however, to improve it, try to make it seem natural, the hills are just a 90 degree angle that just seems like a random tower. Try adding a buildup of rocks and edge off some of the hill to make it seem like it’s slowly rising and also, don’t keep everything level with itself. Nature usually doesn’t make much hills and mountains level with another.

Lastly, the trees seem a bit flat, generally, you can improve this buy slowly adding more parts or using a mesh made in a 3D modeling software, I’d recommend Blender if you’re going to this approach.

Image 2

Overall, what I can see from this image is alright, I see a wonderful view from it, however, what I do see is the dock. The dock looks alright, however, there is one vital flaw. The supports seem like it’s a bit too flat. Here’s an image I found off of Google Images that you can use to improve your overall design.
As you can see, the dock does a 90 degree turn, this will help with the overall shape of it, the human eye likes to see something that isn’t a normal shape, making a composite shape really helps out the aspect of your build. Secondly, some support beams go up higher than below the deck, this makes it look structurally sound, this should help your build out a lot.

Image 4

Overall, it looks fantastic except one thing I’m concerned about, the door. Generally, doors, are not thin, and usually follow an aspect ratio of some kind. Here is an image of a door I found off of Google Images.

Looking at this door, you can see the bevels from both doors are usually thin and has a side window to them to look inside you you can see a visual of what is going on and why you should enter the establishment. If you take this image to reference, you will get your doors spot on!

Overall, great build you’ve done and I encourage you to keep up the good work and passion. After all, that’s what development’s all about on this platform!


Lighting is way too bright in spots. I suggest toning the brightness way down and using an equal amount of lighting throughout the entire cafe. If you really want to bring out the lights, try using a beam effect to make it look a bit like a floodlight.


This post should be in #help-and-feedback:building-support if you’re looking for building feedback, etc.

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I agree. Whenever I do low poly, I try to use at least 3 different tree types and vary them around the map.


Ok, thank you for the feedback. (::::::::

Ok, I’ll add that! (30000000000

It’s a good build! I really like your use of materials throughout the build. Maybe consider adding a skybox to your place the layout you’ve made is also very nice and creates a calming atmosphere. Here are some of my suggestions as to how you could improve on the exterior further:

I would try spacing the mountains out a bit as it seems the cafe is in a pretty tight area if you know what I mean. In addition to the hills or a sandy shore on the island, I think adding some smaller islands in the water or rocks or a boat tied to the dock in the surrounding water would help to build a more welcoming feel to it. You could even add a second island in the distance for players to find something like that could work!

Overall, hope you keep improving. Definitely use reference images when you’re starting out to give you an idea on how you want your island to look like. All I think it’ll need is a few fixes, and changes.

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Thanks for the feedback! Do you have any tutorials for beach terrain?

Looks amazing and good. The trees in front of the door shouldn’t be there in my opinion tho.

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