Feedback on car driver UI?

I’m currently working on a game where you drive cars downhill and try to finish each level without destroying the car entirely and losing so anyway I made a UI for the driver to see like quick stuff and I wanted to see what others thought of it.


I actually really like the simple design with the ui. the only small suggestion i’d have for it is to change ‘Vehicle damage’ to ‘Vehicle health’ & centerize the ‘Drive’ with the text above


The Ui is very basic by itself it doesn’t have a Flow to it in my opinion you need the make the WASD a bit smaller and the Switch Car Test is overrunning a bit Maybe use a different Font but the Frame is very Decent the Vehicle Damage needs a bit of flow to it and Yea that is also can you please send some feedback to me on my Ui Designs as it would help a lot thanks!

My Ui Design: Feedback on my New Ui Piece

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This looks really nice!

The words “Drive” after WASD look kind of misplaced, i suggest have a very short bar above WASD or behind it. If neither look good you could just completed remove the “Drive”, as it’s not really needed.

Other than that I wouldn’t change anything else, good luck! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for the reply I’m definitely going to add to it as development progress goes on but yeah it’ll keep getting better and I kinda rushed it

Also the whole point of my UIs for this game are supposed to be simple so that’s why they’re basic

Oh idk if this was confusing but the vehicle damage bar is going to get bigger as the car gets more destroyed I just made it that size for testing

The UI looks great! I like how it is perfectly alligned! I don’t know if this is already a feature on it, but maybe add a button called “Hide U” like an arrow above the UI and once you click it, the UI would tween down and then the arrow would be pointing down and saying “Show UI”.

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Yeah I’d probably make an option to make it simpler and it also would only show when you drive your car

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I made a hide button and made the bottom ui specifically for controls

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