Feedback on Cartoony Icon


I have recently taken some interest in watching others create cartoony icons, so I decided to try it out myself for the first time! What do you guys think? Is there anything that I can improve on? Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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You’re so talented! This looks incredible, it’s colorful, cute and the fade looks amazing. I would suggest looking for commissions! This has absolutely no flaw.


Nice! I like the pop out letters and the lighting of the text (if that makes sense :joy:).

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The logo looks nice.

For the “Daycare” text, I wouldn’t use more than 2-3 colors on a gradient. I would say you have only two colors applied on the gradient of the “Daycare” text. Maybe go for the colors green (same green color you already have applied on the gradient for the text “Daycare”) and teal blue (same teal blue you have applied on the gradient for the text “Daycare”) on the gradient? That’s up to you. You could even same darker blue and the same purple color you’ve applied on the gradient for the text “Daycare” on the logo.

Additionally, the “C” and “Y” letters on the text “Daycare” look a bit off. If you fix that bit, the logo will look better.

As for the drop shadows, I suggest you change it up a little. In my opinion, I feel that the drop shadows are bit off. I see the drop shadow for half of a letter. I suggest you change that.

I also think you should make the yellow color on the text “Emoji” a bit lighter.

Lastly, I would say to give some more spacing between the words “Emoji” and “Daycare” as well as take off the border on the text “Daycare”.

Overall, the logo looks good, but with some work done with the logo, it will look even better. Nice work! :+1:

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WOW! Looks amazing! One thing I recommend is making little highlights on the letters, it will add be very cute!

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