Feedback on combat chaos. [ Improved ]

Greeting! We have been working on the creation of “combat chaos” for several weeks now. Combat chaos is a game in which you fight against other players in a certain map. Each kill gives you 20 cash, which you can use for better things in a shop that will be operational in a few days. We also added a few little things like the spectate system and the report. Report any bugs or suggest ideas to improve the game.

Who is we? this was made by @Dxxmzy… do you work with him?

@XX_XXFRIED I’d assume so if he’s posting it.
I think the game is ok, it’s extremely annoying to get prompted to buy admin commands every 10 seconds (don’t make a gamepass for that) and I don’t really think it has anything new to other games of the past like fencing, sword fights on the heights etc. Add something cool and remove the gamepass and It’ll improve.

Yes, we are coworkers. I’m scripter and he is builder.

Thank you for feedback. And could I ask you something? How in this world gamepass show up? There aren’t any free models. And I cleared the game, and there is nothing with admin or gamepass showing up.

It would show up either from you or your team member adding it, or a freemodel. Do ctrl-shift-f and search for gamepass, you’d probably find it.