Feedback on commissioned homestore!

Feedback on my most recent homestore please! The person who is gonna buy this, wanted it similar to this :

and this

game link - [ Content Deleted ] - Roblox

please give harsh feedback, i would like to improve!

  • del thank you!
    to get in contact with me message me on cord! d3#5295

I’m not a big fan of the seemingly still characters outside with the default nametags, but other than that, the building looks great.

It may also be of concern to people that they aren’t able to see the backside on some of the dummies (and thus the clothes) but I think you’ll be able to get away with that.

Edit: Joining the game, I noticed a few clipping textures

A few props on the first floor also wouldn’t hurt.


Probably very late on this, but this…

In general it’s good! Some clipping issues, but looks good!

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