Feedback on DataStore script

Hi all, (first topic)

I’m new (-ish) to programming here on Roblox, and I am just looking for feedback on my DataStore script. More specifically my code to access and use DataStore when a player joins. Except for the first comment all other comments I added here to make it easier to understand.

local MaxAttempts = 3
local AttemptCoolDown = 5

local StarterData = {
	Gold = 50

local function GetPlayerData (Player)

	local WaitForPlayer = Player.CharacterAdded:Wait()
	local PlayerID = Player.UserId
	local Attempts = 0
	local Works
	local SavedPlayerData


		Works, SavedPlayerData = pcall (DataStore.GetAsync, DataStore, PlayerID)	

		if Works then
			if SavedPlayerData ~= nil then
				print (SavedPlayerData["Gold"])

				if SavedPlayerData == nil then
					TestService:Warn (false, string.format("Creating data for: %i!", PlayerID))
					Works = pcall (DataStore.SetAsync, DataStore, PlayerID, StarterData)
					if not Works then
						TestService:Error (string.format("Could not create data for: %i!", PlayerID))
			if not Works then
				Attempts += 1
				TestService:Error (string.format("Could not get data for: %i!", PlayerID))
	until Attempts >= MaxAttempts

PlayerService.PlayerAdded:Connect (GetPlayerData)

This script attempts to access the data 3 times.

Specifically I’m wondering about a few things:

  • is this the most efficient way to do this?
  • is it easy to understand (Spacing, variable names, (remember only the first comment is in my actual code)

Anything else will help, thank you very much! (any comments on my topic writing will also help)

Edit: Made some new changes to the code, also simplified examples.

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not bad however you should add a debug feature so you know what you did wrong.

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Debug? Do you mean instead of the print statements? EDIT: Oh I understand now, thank you!