Feedback on design ... Introducing the Amidst

Thanks for the feedback. Back to work …


wow. Jut wow. I cannot believe this build. Probably one of the best things ive seen on roblox.


Wow, no other words to describe it. This looks amazing and I can’t wait for this game to be ready. I love everything about the ship and there is only one thing I would change to be different and that would the the doors of the space ship, I would love to see them be sliding doors instead of just popping in and out. I feel like that would just add so much more detail and perfection.

Great job on this game,

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I did that a few ways. Turned out to be a huge hassle and wasn’t consistent enough for me movement wise.

I really like the shield idea, it looks very nice. That compared to what is in the game currently is a lot better. Glad to see it!

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I’m glad that was a hard choice to make.

I genuinely love the attention to detail that you put into this. It’s amazing to see how ROBLOX and it’s games are improving. Great showcase!

Oh, and something I suggest, the doors kind of just disappear and reappear, so I would probably tween the door, as it’s pretty easy to do so. The door can also have it’s transparency at max when the upwards tween ends, and at min when the other tween starts and it goes down. That way, the player wont see the door poking through, not for as long at least.

Again, love the effort you put into this! I hope I helped.

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That door is on a tween, and it is disappearing at the very last millisecond. How did you ever see that.

I use what’s relatively a slower computer, and my computer runs a bit slow when playing your game, but not to where I would think that it would have an effect on scripts. (~45 fps). Compared to other high quality ROBLOX games, yours runs fine.

I just saw the occurrence when I walked into the driver room, ( I think ). If the door is already on a tween, I’m not too sure what could be causing the interference. I just thought you simply used CFrame, and wanted to point it out. I didn’t know about anything else lol.

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Everything in that is set up to render fast. Months of work just getting that down. I just added streamming so I hope that give me back any lag issues …

I don’t mean to stress you bro. FPS in ROBLOX is difficult to obtain and manage for players, and, like I said, I use a below average PC, so I don’t think this effect will have that much impact on others.

I can see that FPS is especially crucial in games like yours, but ROBLOX has it’s limits, even with plugins, so that’s kind of something you are stuck with, but every front page game experiences this. There will always be some sort of wall for FPS in any video game that literally can’t be broken.

I am relatively new to developing on ROBLOX, so I can’t help you much further from this point. Again, looks like a great game, can’t wait to see how you improve in the future!

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I think It will be ok now that I added streaming to it.

I like the way you use perception as a way to keep the frames and effort needed low, and not effect the user experience. Not many video games utilize the user’s senses at all to my knowledge.

Good talk. I really do think that, based off the details for updates in the future, this could be front page.

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Yes, and thank you for the input.

I saw this yesterday before I joined the dev forum. It is really a nice game you are working on.

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Send me a friend request, and you’ll have access to most everything I’m doing. I’m working on many projects at the same time. Always nice to have that ran through from time to time. Putting this up for all to see without it being totally completed was a bit nerve-racking, I have to admit. I would sure like to meet a group here that works together. Many things with this editor I’m still a noob at. But I have a lot of experience creating games.

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