Feedback on Destruction Game

Hello, I would like recommendations or feedback for my destruction game since I can’t think of anything to add to make it more enjoyable.
Link to game

Any feedback or recommendations are appreciated.

Hey @Pro_atgamesA , the game looks meh there are a lot of things you could add more like other buildings, other Tools, adding physics, and making an objective for the game bc now it’s just breaking things and not getting better or awarded for it. But overall it’s great keep it up.

I’ll work on physics and thank you for your feedback

Thank you for your feedback I do plan on making the voxels smaller, but I don’t want to risk lag just yet.

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UI isn’t too good and the main (destruction) bit of the game doesn’t work well, I’d say just keep developing on your game, after all, you barley started on it.

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll work on the UI after finishing some new zones.

Can you please make hitting power and range for blocks? also add a smashing animation so we can get objects that are lower than are torso

Hello, the swinging animation is a bug that I’m currently trying to fix, thank you for your feedback.

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