Feedback on Destruction Game

I made a game with maps that are destructible, but I am clueless as to what else to add to make the game feel more useful.


I hate to be this negative, but here goes:

There’s nothing in the screenshot/thumbnail that makes me want to try it out. It’s just the default screenshot.
At least use a free screenshot of your place that you can get from your settings.

Another negative is that there isn’t ANY description that tells players what the game is about. It’s a turn-off if all you have is 89 random words that you hope will get picked up when someone does a game search. Do you really think someone is going to search for extirpation, or vain, or irredeemable, or useless?

Even if you haven’t got anything finalized in the game and haven’t tried making up the screenshot or description you should at least try to do something with them.