Feedback on Developer Hangout game

I’ve recently been working on a Developer Hangout game, which is a hangout for developers to meet new friends, talk about games, and get support! I’m almost finished, but I’m still trying to add new features, improve the map, and add the gfx. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

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Hi there,

I like the idea with the overhead UI / Billboard GUI etc but I think you may have stumbled into a problem that A LOT of developers run into. To me it seems that you have not been consistent with the style of your building. From what I can tell, there are some advanced features in the game such as the glass walls but when you start moving around, you can see that the flooring etc do not match ( as well as things like the statue ).

Moving on, I feel that you have over used the textures and may be better off using Roblox’s own materials instead. This is because it doesn’t really match what the game is about ( i.e. Not the greatest texture that could have been used )

I believe that the music chosen for this game is quite good as it is quite calming and that is perfect for this situation. In addition, I like how you are using your own animations for this experience ( even if they are a little unaligned on the legs )

Overall, I think that this game could be great if you heavily improved the main areas!

I wish you and your games all the best,

Stubby :slight_smile: