Feedback on Disney+ Inspired UI (First UI)

Hi, I’m not really a UI designer, decided to just mess around with it today. (was bored) I’d appreciate some feedback on my first UI I’ve created.
I just decided to do a little spin-off of Disney+'s UI. I attempted to create goofy little pictures and title for movies and shows on Disney+, but I just decided to do the top one and I attempted to fool around with other ones, but didn’t quite have the effort to do that at the moment.
Again, my first UI I’ve created, any feedback appreciated.

i’ve never watched diary of a future president i had no other ideas on what title i could edit


Looks pretty cool! The only 4 things I can come up with to improve this is to (A Make Sure there are no rectangles only halfway in-frame when showing of concepts, I get that in funcionality there may be moments where only half of a image may be shown, but in a concept it really throws me off. The second thing I would suggest improving on is the spacing between rectangles and how inconsistent it is, I do understand that you are using roblox which sadly does not have as many features as full fledged UI designing software do, but please do your best to make sure that the spacing between all of the rectangles is the same, because right now the top row has a lot of space in between, but in the second row they are packed much closer together. Speaking of smaller positioning issues, I reccomend moving over the bottom row to left so the first rectangle in the “recommended for you” is horizontally identical. Also, I recommend adding something like a scroll bar or little arrows on the side of the rows to show that users can navigate to more content in that row. That’s all! For a first UI, it looks pretty good so keep up the good work!