Feedback on Electric Shotgun

Hey Guys! I made this “scifi” Electric Shotgun for a fps I’m making.

Should I add anything?

BTW I’m not that good at making guns. (please tell me what to do with the Handle)


well for starters when you use cubes on a caved surface it gives it a bad look.
Another thing is that handle should be in a triangular shape.
Here’s what I mean.

the edge of the handle is triangular and isn’t round giving it a bit of grip.

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hmm… I’m pretty sure what I mean by stock is the handle XD. BTW i pretty much only want cubes in this build :confused:

oh if that’s the case then i would say you did a good job but in my opinion the hard surface modeling doesn’t fit.

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does it feel like the triggers in the wrong place?

yes and the barrel too. those both need the have less hard surface modeling.

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talking about the barrel… I forgot the sights!!!