Feedback on Elemental Soul

So I just released my game’s pre-alpha yesterday and wanted to get some feedback, here

I mainly wanted to get feedback to know if there was anything wrong with the game and where it could be improved since despite running sponsors and announcing the game in my discord server, I’ve only managed to maintain a player count between 0-5

Any feedback is appreciated

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It takes a while to actually get into the game. I had to customise my character, then get teleported to another place for the tutorial (which I decided to skip), and then I got teleported back to the menu to go through the intro loading UI again, only to be teleported again to the final place where I would have to wait for someone to join (which nobody did). It took me at least 2 minutes to actually get to a point where I’d be able to play the game if someone else was playing.

If you shorten that process, it’ll probably help a lot. Being able to join quickly is key, especially for a person’s first time playing, the first 5 minutes are the most important. If that time is taken up by waiting, the game becomes uninteresting very quickly.


Well, the game is not that bad, the script even works, but, I recognized a script that was from YouTube tutorial (But, it doesn’t make much difference to me), the script is great to be honest, but, the GUI’s speech options are terrible, they seem to be still in dev, and for a game that has so much script ready.

They should be better (Not to mention that there are other GUI’s that are good but the redenrization is awful), or, just work harder on the game and then launch it.

But one thing that irritated me was the building, it is extremely without details, and even with the graphics at maximum, it still doesn’t make much difference, it was better to call someone to build the game better.

Well, I’m not going to be too heavy in a Pre-Alpha game, so my final grade is 4/10.

Thanks for that I definitely can lower the amount of teleports to improve a player’s experience

I recognized a script that was from YouTube tutorial

GUI’s speech options are terrible, they seem to be still in dev

Could you explain what you mean for both of these?