Feedback On Even More Computers

Hello! I just wanted to quickly share these display monitors I made!

All 4 Computers: OBC Display (Complete Set) - Roblox

The Desk Shown In The Picture (Incase you wanted it)

I’m gonna make a keyboard too soon!

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The monitors looks completely neat, with interesting sets of colors!
Just for recommendations, you should add mouses, keyboards, and chairs as well to make the computer set complete!


Thank you! I appreciate your feedback and I will start working on the chair, mouses, and keyboard!

The computer looks really basic aside from the color variations. I’d recommend adding some depth to the computer screen or maybe offering different sizes/shapes such as desktop computers and laptop computers.

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Took me 20 min

Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 11.13.12 AM

I also went with a trackpad (looks exactly like my old trackpad)

Well, you should add computers to go with those monitors. Either mounted under the desk or behind/to the side of the monitors.

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