Feedback on Fantasy Dinosaur

Hey folks.
Today i´m asking for some feedback & critique for one of my newest assets.

Concept by Dragonbab

Any feedback is highly appreciated!


Amazing details! It has been modelled very accurately and I’m quite impressed! It looks great however maybe the hair is too big? It makes the hands seem smaller. If you aimed for it to be that way, it looks great!

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Hello there,
the design of dinosaur you are working on it really pay off your time to make this and the result much cleaner and also amazing. the concept of your dino are fabulous and turning out well picture and the old drawing was absolutely marvelous, the old drawing much more line to use to make the scale of the head dino really good and also design.
very well made, I give you thumb up for making the head look cool.
that all for now and I will see you in the next reply…


This is great. I really like it.

Maybe for mesh also use color cyan for spikes? But pinkish look also suits it well :slight_smile:
Not sure if intended, but there are missing spikes at knee caps and elbow. Just comparing mesh with drawing. Maybe some variation on tail pattern?

Have a nice day! :slight_smile: