Feedback on First Attempt at Animation (R6)

Hey I’m a Game Designer called N_RS and have been finding it a lot harder to actually find work and do things on developer teams when my only primary skill is Game Design and so I spoke with a good friend of mine at the development team I work at and they suggested I pick up a new skill like programming, 3D Modeling, Animation etc and so I tried basically everything UI Design, Programming, 3D Modeling and then once I did Animation I realized that’s the one I wanted to stick with and so I watched a tutorial on how to animate using Moon plugin and I made a quick test animation and would really like some feedback

So the video attached below I’ve already acknowledged some mistakes I made like in the backflip midway the body goes sort of wonky and it looks like it’s staying in place I believe if I tried this again I’d be able to get the positioning right however I think the backflip’s landing and beginning was pretty good for a first ever attempt I also would like some feedback on the 2 on the left
So things you may want to know is that the 2 on the left took me 2-3 Minutes and the one on the right took me 10-15 Minutes
Overall I’d really just like some more input from the animation community and some tips to making sure I can truly learn how to animate properly and eventually at an advanced level


Update - Switched to Roblox Editor found it much easier to use and hope I can fully learn it

It looks good if it’s your first animation, I love that little robot style when it stops
Keep practicing!

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Update #2 I learned a bit more about how to make the animations look more realistic and lively and so I made this one which I think is my best animation so far! would like to know your thoughts tho Recording #10|video