Feedback on first Blender weapon

Hello! This is my first topic so the tags might be wrong.
So anyways
This is the first Blender weapon I’ve made. I’m not very experienced with Blender.

Any feedback and criticism is appreciated


I think it looks really good! But at the handle maybe you should make it a little smoother. Other than that it looks really good.

Best of luck

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Looks decent for a first weapon. I suggest making the handle ‘flow’ a bit more as right now it just looks like it broke in half. And, the tags for this topic are correct.


i love it its so amazing its better then my ROBLOX swords the thing that is off your suppose to add mirroring on your sword

Handle maybe could be smaller. Over all is nice.

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The blade should be smooth and the handle, that way it’ll look much more clean

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If this is supposed to be a full-sized katata, there are a few adjustments to make. The handle should be no thicker than the blade and has a very slight bend, though in a lowpoly mode, it should probably not bend at all. The curve of the handle and blade should be one shape with little deviation, with most of the curve happening at the upper half of the blade, reinforcing my advice that the handle not bend at all for this model.

The blade and handle should be longer for a katana, with the blade being just slightly over 3x longer than the handle. But hey, this is a good start. I’d use a reference next time.


The handle looks very bent. On most swords IRL usually its straight.

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