Feedback on first Bloxikin/shoulder pal

Hi, I’m repliicated and I created a Bloxikin/shoulder pal of a roblox parody youtuber I like, Blue Blob (username jiravich). This is my first time creating one and I only watched a small part of a speed build of a bloxikin. I would like some feedback. Here are some screenshots:

jiravich’s profile:
(I know he doesn’t look like the Bloxikin right now, the reason behind that is because he is dressed up in his winter outfit.)

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wow that looks good i like blue blob to

head is a little big tho :ok_hand:

huh. I wonder why you think that, though I do have a bacon hair shoulder pal in the studio yeah I see why you’re saying that. What is your favorite parody? (mine is “I’m Canadian” and “Rodeo”)

dang hard Q probably noob parody of mood by 24kgolden right now

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