Feedback on First Ever Group Logo

So I recently joined a Team for as a UI designer at Flicker Studios and they asked me whether you could make a Group logo.

So I made a logo for them but after I made the Logo and submitted it they had already made a Logo.

Anyways here is the final product (Heavily inspired by Bladez)

Any feedback is appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Don’t reply to me to ask for a refund from them. I had decided to make it for them for free)


If you made the text itself, it’s pretty good. One thing that’s pretty much disappointing me is that the background is a stock image from “123RF”. Might want to change that to fix your reputation a bit :ok_hand:

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I just did to make a watermark but still thanks for your feedback :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Hey, you have made yourself some great art work right there. Though I have a minor recommendation that will make your work stand out even more, please do not use images and content that has external watermarking unless you added those watermarks yourself of course. Otherwise the work will appear less original.

Otherwise, great job.


Look’s pretty good, except for the concrete background, also is this supposed to be your watermark, or is this a vector/stock image.


I got this from google just not to make my background completely black so searched up in google

It is understandable, but on google you are easily able to find wallpapers like that without any form of watermarking. I really recommend you do that other than use watermarked content, your design is nice, but the watermarking drags it down a bit.

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Hello @amalnk0007. I like how you did the wave thing in the text. I recommend you to change the background. I believe if you find a blue/white background and blur it, it would look amazing.

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