Feedback On First Logo!

Feedback on First Logo! Im Working On a game called tower run and yeah i need some feedback of my first icon any feedback will help alot thanks!


forgot to link icon


Esta bien, pero en la parte de atras podrias cambiarlo de color y apenas veo la letra.


i dont speak spanish so i translated that and maybe

Si te entiendo, yo tambien uso el traductor porque la mayoría de temas estan en ingles.

it looks pretty good, but it’s a little hard to read the text as it sorta blends in.

I suggest making the text a different color than the background, because it slightly blends in. Otherwise great icon!

Its very good for the first time, but what the spanish speaking guy said “its looks good but in the part in the back, change the color.”

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I cant really see the writing as too much red. You could change the background to another colour for example yellow or the other way round depends on how you look at it. Have fun trying different colours to contrast the writing and the background

Looks TOO redish, but i like of where its going, try adding some outlines on the words that can make it pop out, and try to fix the background, but overall, looks good lad

Meaning to balance the logo between the colour of the background and the words

Looks great, but the text and the red background kind of blend together so it is hard to see the words.

You can probably remove the white outline for the text, then make the text darker, atleast dark so it stands out from the logo. But pretty awesome!

Please note this isn’t an exact word-for-word translation. It’s reworded just a little.

Translated to English (Traducido al ingles):
“It’s fine, but you could change the color in the back. And I can hardly see the words.”

Translated to English (Traducido al ingles):
“Yeah I understand you, I also use the translator because most topics are in English.”

The first one is fine, the second one isn’t. It says “Yeah, I understand you”, is just that the guy forgot the comma

yeah i think i could change some of the red it blends in too much

Oh my gosh now I’m embarrassed that I messed up Si but nothing else lol…

Thanks for pointing that out!

Don’t worry, I have many times these common mistakes when trying to translate something!

No problem!

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