Feedback on first Low Poly Building

I just made my first low poly building in Blender, and I think it turned out pretty nice for it being my first time. I think I spent over an hour on it, but that’s probably because the tutorial I followed was in German and I had to read the subtitles. Anyway, I’d appreciate some feedback on it, so I can add things or improve things as I learn and make more of these types of buildings. Thanks!


For a first time, this isn’t too shabby! I can’t even follow tutorials properly. I think you should add some windows and maybe improve on the shop sign. I think the door could also be smaller or make the build taller, since the door seems out of proportion to the build.


Awesome first Low Poly build! I do however see some things missing. Try adding some more things to it, such as Windows, Door handle, overall just add some detail for the lower half. Looks great! :smiley:


This looks pretty good, more detail needs added and maybe a building that opens inside too! Keep up the good work!


Since your new to an 3D software you did a pretty good job for a overall first build.

Firstly, the build itself appears to end empty, maybe placing windows on the front entrance featuring items around such as benches potted plants ect.

As well as this, there is very little detail things could be placed on the top of the roof since this is a store or shop you’ll see around different areas maybe place some vents or pipes and wires if you’re planning on finishing it up and vegetation boxes would make it much more lively. Making your building one entire color looks alright but try experimenting into adding shades of colors just so it doesn’t feature one plain color.

I’d add some lighting to your scene to make it more interesting building colors. I would also add litter dumpster even ideas you have in mind. Best of luck on your build.

As this was a tutorial build, it looks amazing! Hopefully instead of focusing on the outcome, you picked up on how this particular builder made it and you are slightly more educated on how to use Blender to achieve what you built!

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