Feedback on first Magic effects

Hi, I have started experimenting with magic spells and I was wondering how i could improve my first spell.
Also is it better to learn blender animations or do I continue with lua?
Note: I can only use free models as i don’t have much blender experience
here is the vfx: First magic

edit: changed vfx to magic spells

edit2: this is how it looks now: Magic4


first of all that is not a VFX that is a effect not a VFX and second of all it wasnt very good it was very very choppy like not very smooth but as of first ill rate it a 6.5/10 and also do both blender and lua like i do blender and lua and its not that hard doe i am not that that good in blender

Ok thanks for the feedback is there any way to improve it?

use tween to make it better if you dont know what it is you can use devhub to see it

I used tweens to make it work, maybe it is the video quality

no no i am saying that this

appears instantly like make it tween its size

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Okay i see what you mean. It is tweened but i will make the duration longer, thanks for the help.
here is the new one regarding your feedback: new one

now another problem you know how the rings suddenly appear? yea fix that

wdym by “that’s not VFX that’s an effect”? also, why are u associating blender and Lua like it’s in the same category?

no its not in the same category and i am not associating it and yes it dosent look like a VFX to me it looks like a effecta good one tbh just needs tweening

can u tell me what u understand by VFX?

Okay so i have improved it i also wanted to make the rings spin while they are flying but i am working on it
let me know what you think: Magic3

i think a VFX has a lot lot of shading a VFX consists of a lot of CGI and a VFX is usually not used for games

fantastic now as it ends i want you to make ONLY the bubble become big and then smoothly vanish and the rings vanish as the bubble is increasing in size

bro VFX is literally visual effects. it can consist of many things. such as particle systems, meshes, and shadings.


u literally just said about 3 things about VFX and got tired…LOL

Okay here is the new one: Magic4

you do know what “vfx” means, right?

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my point still stands. dude u can just search on google about it lol

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Narcissist, narcissist, they don’t bother.

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