Feedback on first simulator map

I tried to make a simulator map, and needs some feedback. Positives and negatives will be much appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:


That’s looking like a real Simulator. Real pro building. Hope the scripts work?

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It looks really good, but this post should probably be in Cool Creations - DevForum | Roblox

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Well, it’s actually feedback so I think it can be on Help and Feedback

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Thank you there hahah, Forgot that :sweat_smile:

Really good, but there is a lot of grey, and the lack of shadows makes it feel slightly weird.

I would recommend making sure that global shadows (under lighting) is checked, and then just playing around with different shades of grey so that all of the grey isn’t just the same shade

Good work overall :+1:

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Looks great.
I agree with @CJ_Nelson01 I suggest adding some shadow and maybe tone down the brightness? IDK but it just looks super bright to me.

Wow, looks amazing! What type of simulator will it be? I hope it’s mostly original lol

Pretty good. What I would recommend is that maybe add some stuff near the fountain.