Feedback on first sword (modeled all on blender without tutorial)

I made this sword in a blender and it is the first mesh I made without a tutorial! Can I have feedback on it? Any feedback is needed, harsh or not.

Rendered Version of the sword:

(This is untextured)


nothing to really say it’s really basic but some

damage on the sword like this would be nice


Pretty good for a first-try especially without a tutorial. I recommend adding cracked/damaged spots on the swords blade to make it seem like it has character, broken or something like that. You could also add a simple low-poly texture (if low-poly is what you’re going for) to make it look better.

Excited to see what you come up with!


It looks pretty good for your first sword. But I would recommend using a tutorial because your sword could definitely use improvement. Also the render is kind of weird in my opinion.

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