Feedback on first winter cabin build

Hey guys! This is my first winter cabin build, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Overall, it looks really nice! Only complaint I have is how much space is left in the bedroom (last screenshot). Maybe add some shelves, maybe a closet or a bathroom?

Good job!


Yeah I noticed that issue as well… I just didn’t know what to put in it to fill up the empty space. The shelves are a great idea, thank you.

I definitely agree there is too much open space. Not only in the bedroom, but in most of the areas. I do believe that you do want to have space so everything is not crammed, but there gets to the point where you have so much space that it feels empty. Try making the rooms smaller, or adding more items to fill in the space. Let me know how that goes. Overall a great build though!.


Reference photos definitely help with that problem. If you don’t know what to put in certain areas you can google search those specifically. If the room is really big you can search “Mansion ____room” or if you want something specific to what you are doing then you can search “Cabin _____ room.” Obviously replacing the underscores with the keyword.


Looks very well made from the outside, however the inside seems to look a little empty. Try filling in the empty space/walls with small decorations to add to the atmosphere, such Christmas lights or photos.

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I love the design of the house since combining that skybox with the house gives it a fantastic touch. Good job

I agree, the skybox was a fantastic touch to the ambience of the scene. Especially with how the materials reflect it now, looks really nice. Maybe some more windows could have made a bit more of a difference?


I really like the outside, good job!

The inside should get some improvements, like a better lighting and more furniture.

You can add some more snow on the roof, since the cabin itself is built right next to the mountains.

Overall, I like that cabin because it looks so detailed outside!

Great job man, keep up the good work!

This is what I call an extremely well built, realistic, and very appealing build.
Well Done!

I agree with @LargeMakesStuff there is a lot of negative space. Maybe split the rooms to have a bathroom or a closet.


Dude nice job especially for your first time!

Cool build, only issue is there isn’t much in the bedroom, just work on adding something in there so it isn’t so empty.

Good luck with the further development!

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It’s awesome! But:

  • There is alot of space left, too much.

  • try to add more things on the outside, or change the color of the floor outside.

I hope my feedback helps!