Feedback on Flex Your Time 2, 1 day away from public release!

This is a new game that will be open permanently tomorrow. It will be open for 1 hour now.

This is the game
I’m looking for feedback on my studio’s game that will open tomorrow. Since we don’t want bugs, or loopholes (if you get what I’m saying) to be found in the game.
It’s named Flex Your Time 2.
The point is in the name, to flex your time!
There’s an entire city to explore, cars to collect, and more!

If you do visit, please make sure to leave your thoughts!

The hour until closing again has begun. Make sure to play now if you can!


One thing I noticed right off the bat, in the game page, in your thumbnail. Where it says “Clock town has one of the largest city’s”, should be “Clock town has one of the largest citys”. That is just me being a nitpick though :wink:

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I noticed that your ui is a bit off centered in some of the loading screen cutscenes.


Thanks, I think someone edited it.

I reopened it, sorry everyone!

One thing I noticed is the Just a sec… thing does not cover the whole screen

Actually it should be “Clock town has one of the largest cities.”

The game looks well made for a Flex your Time type game.

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What do you mean by

has this been done before?

yes it’s been done multiple times.

Yes, literally all the time.

Oh like killing games.

This is more of an explore and chill with your friends type game.

Lol, correcting someone who was correcting someone :joy: It is a Friday


Your initial thumbnail looks decent, but your initial thumbnail looks too different from your background of it. It seems to be in brighter colors, while the background is a little darker. Maybe put the words “Flex Your Time” in a grey-type color font?


Thanks all for testing! We have about 15 minutes left on this Testing Period.

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Testing period over! We hope you enjoyed, game releases tomorrow!

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It is cities, plural. Just sayin

Actually @DarkPixlz, it’s worth pointing out it should be “cities”.

When there is a consonant+y at the end of the word, the plural form is usually “remove the y, add ies”. In this cases, city has a t before the y, and t is a consonant.

Examples include story (stories), enemy (enemies) and berry (berries).