Feedback on forest landscape

I recently created a forest landscape just for practice and to see how realistic I could get it. I’ve never really done something like this, so I’m kind of new.

I’m open to suggestions for changes to the lighting, things/objects I should add, etc. (Btw, the models I used were from the toolbox.)

I’ve also added screenshots for those who don’t want to visit the game.



It looks very nice, especially the bushes and rocks.

The only problem is the visible logs in the trees, I don’t know how they are made but try having the leaves more opaque (if they are a decal/texture)

To be new at this, you should give an illumination as flashlights or use flashlights
You can also give trails for people who want to experience the game

This looks extremely appealing. Keep up the great work.

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Looks pretty nice got nothing to change since It’s good already (Could improve & add details) Keep up the good work!