Feedback on futuristic neon tank

My game has a sci fi neon style, and this is a tank that was created for that style.

Here are some buildings in the same style.


Looks a bit too simple, try adding more details!

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That is why I’m looking for feedback. I want it to be low poly but still look good.

I think that the city looks amazing, but the tank not so much. Add a cylinder for the turrent and add wheels.

I love the style you’re going for… just one thing- you are using too much normal parts. My recommendation? Add some wedges, and more depth! Maybe use transparency to fade less important things, and bring the more important parts some pop. Try adding dashes of other textures, instead of JUST having neon + glass/Ice (Idk what the black is).

Once you do that, the build will become a lot better in my opinion :smiley:

First of all, I’d say that you’d want a more detailed type of (Sci-Fi build)? At the start the tank and most of the props “City” are quite simplistic and repetitive.

Since the most of the props look here and there but a bit bland looking try placing some structure buildings on top of each other, this could be smaller buildings and others that are build with different parts something what New Yorks has just for example. The city is bland and placed with something that looks like parts or textures/decals.

For a tank, it’s extremely basic and made out of parts that’s only if your going for a simplistic look within it. The tank is here and there throw different objects just to make it stand out even if your just starting out.

Gather reference images to help you get those important details. I encourage you to look at other builds to get a proper idea on how you want your layout to look like and what should my city feature props, stores, shops, mechanic areas, and more.

Unless the tank is made of a mesh, it wouldn’t apply as low-poly. The word low-poly is an adjective used to describe meshes with a low polygon count. Polygons are usually presented through triangles but other shapes such as squares and rectangles are used but much less frequently.

Anyway, there is a difference from being “simple” as 1ik said and “low-poly” so more detail is advised.

Not really neon, more like futuristic I am guessing. You should add more details to it.

It’s pretty plain, you should add more details to it. Maybe by adding some neon lines of a different colour or make a neon outline?

It feels too blocky, and in a bad way
The hull feels too much like just a single block, and in my opinion would look nicer if it didn’t protrude as much, either by having a sloped front or a hull front comparable to the tiger tank.
The gun, in my opinion, shouldn’t just be a neon block, but rather should still have some black to balance it out, especially near the end of the gun.
The turret face is not that bad, looks like some combination of a churchill mk3 and a m4 sherman turret.
The rear could just be a block, most tanks are like that.
However, given it’s a futuristic style I feel like it should be extremely angular similar to most modern tanks, especially the Challenger 1 or the Merkava.
Also add detail sparingly if you’re going for a clean sleek finish, maybe the occasional smoke grenade launcher or commanders sight but not things like improvised armor (if its from say an overly oppressive regime) or shovels.

I would also recommend using meshes instead of parts.
Also cut down on the neon, just because it’s futuristic doesn’t mean it needs that much neon. Maybe here or there.

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