Feedback on Game Box Scramble

It’s my first game, bascially players use their weapon to break boxes and beat each other.

I spent 30000 robux on ad in the first week. The average concurrent players during that time was 7-8. But just few players (less than 5%) got back next day.
Could anyone give feedback on my game please? and how to improve player retention.
Any feedback is appreciated! TY!

I can’t play the game so please fix your bug thanks.

While this is a nice original concept, (or as far as I’m aware in terms of Roblox games), the execution and gameplay loop could be improved. The players have no immediate objective and desire, and no easily/quickly visible progression. In addition, the game does not immediately offer or tell the player what they are trying to achieve. Your goal when designing the initial player experience is to ease them into the game, and to get them hooked on learning more about the game and interested in spending time to progress. Currently the game does not do that, therefore why player retention is low.

The reason is because your game at the beginning kills you repeatedly. It spawns into the wrong place… so no players want to play because of that bug.