Feedback on game (I just updated)

I just updated my game Roll, the game is where you try to reach the end of a randomly generated course first. There are bombs that you can drop on other players as well.

It’s a simple game, and I’d like your feedback on how to make it better.


Hey! Been playing for a little bit and I have some feedback for your game. Before I do that, I’ll say that it’s really well made. There’s nothing major I found that really needs to be changed in my opinion

Some things I wish were implemented are probably

  • Being able to use decals to decorate your sphere (Maybe a gamepass?)
  • More variation in stages
  • A little bit more control over the sphere
  • Ways to decorate the sphere without R$
  • Some sort of tracker to see where others are in the race (Kinda like ToH)
  • I don’t know if you have this in the private servers, but a special host panel in private servers (Where you can adjust some stuff like speed, etc.)

Also, just a thought, but going slightly downhill would be nice considering in the game description it says “randomly generated hill,” but it would also make more momentum lol

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I think it’s a really neat concept for a game and I had fun playing it, but there are a few changes I would make:

  • There are no rewards for anyone other than the first (and only) person to reach the end, which can be discouraging for less skilled players. And, if someone was hacking, well, it would be pretty annoying. So, I think the game should reward those in 2nd place, 3rd place, etc.

  • This might just be a me problem, but I don’t like how if you fall off the map, you’re out of the match for good. Especially since it’s so easy to get flung when you hit a tree or something at high speeds. Perhaps the game should be a bit more forgiving and let people respawn.

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