Feedback on game i may work on again (Lava Floor!)

So like half an hour ago i just decided to look through the games i made and i realised something which has took me by surprise:

The fact that the game has 1.3k visits and is still gaining visits has blown my mind because this game was just me experimenting with game ideas back in January of 2021 with the only sort of advertisement i was doing was asking for feedback on the devforum and its a simple game with literally no features except checkpoints and a few levels, but by the fact that it has only 1 dislike with 6 likes, 4 favourites and 1.3k visits with that number still growing somehow i think its a good idea to look further into this idea, the growth i think may be due to the fact if you search up Lava Floor (which is also the game name) it shows up at the top:

In comparison to the other games which show up it also has a much better like-dislike ratio and yes it has had far few visits but from the data currently its highly suggesting that it will go in the same direction.

I already have ideas from what i want to do with the game but one thing which beats personal feedback is someone else’s feedback which is why i ask you to check it out, test it and suggest features.

Now once again this was made back in early 2021 as a sort of ‘test game’ which i tested the idea for meaning its very basic and the level design isn’t great however i am going to improve on it and make the game a bit less ‘buggy’.

Also be aware this game will have a target audience of people aged under 13 so yes some detail is a good idea but im not going to go full on with the building because its not worth it in my opinion, also if you have ‘level’ ideas that would be appreciated not just ideas for level design but also how the level system will work because i don’t think changing level designs i.e to space to desert to jungle every 3 seconds is a good idea in the long run.

Thanks in advance.

Here’s the link:
(Lava floor! - Roblox)

Im just going to like, send a message so this gets boosted and so it may actually get some feedback*

I like the maps but I think you should add checkpoints and a faster respawn time. Maybe raise the ceilings because my camera keeps colliding with it. Besides that, good game :ok_hand:

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