Feedback on game icon GFX

So I’m not the best with game icons, so I tried doing an actual decent icon, and I think its pretty good! Feedback/critiscm is appriciated a lot. (Also sorry if the pose isnt the best, first time using the boy package rig)


Amazing render, posing and editing. Only thing throwing me off is the hats. They make it look messy because of how many they are and the fact that they all clip. Apart from that amazing.


Dude, make the white part of the shirt an actual shirt, ok, and the pants have a bit more detail like an ice dragon on it. Also, the so many overlapping hats is like bruh

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Thanks! :smile: Also yeah I’ll fix the hats shortly! Also @AwakenedElemental I’m not really a clothing designer but I’ll try to find better clothes, thanks for the feedback!

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Looks good but I think there is to many hats so that is the only thing I noticed other than that good job

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May want to watermark it, so it doesn’t get stolen. Great render, as everyone else said, the hats are the only thing throwing me.

Amazing GFX, keep up the good work!