Feedback on game icon I made V2

After seeing some suggestions I had correct some parts of my drawing. Any constructive feedback will be highly appreciated!

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I would say it looks good the way it is. You should improve the brightness a tad bit where the demon is though. Otherwise you did a great job.

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The icon looks pretty good, but the really bright patches of brightness on the background in the middle really bothers me. What I mean:

Other than that, I think it looks great! Keep up your work!

Hi Jose, right off the bat I noticed that the title text is waaaaay too small to be put into a game icon, remember game icons are not massive in the first place!

Same thing applies to your signature in the bottom left corner, if you actually want people to see it, I would recommend using a higher contrasting color, such as white.

Overall, the drawing is nice and cartoonish, but I would move the characters up in order to fill the gap above their heads and make more room for the title text.


  • The “After Life” text is very hard to make out, I would suggest using a different font and making it bigger.
  • Your mark, the writing is again, very hard to see. I would suggest making it a brighter colour, a different font and bigger.

Hey, I actually like it but the sign “After Life” is very hard to read, just change size of it.